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    Moving Minds Introduces ‘Growth as a Managed Service’
    New Model Enables Venture Capital and Private Equity-Funded Companies to Get to Market Faster and Smarter with Fractional Multi-Channel Marketing Experts. Moving Minds, an award-winning global marketing agency, today announced the launch of 'Growth as a Managed Service,' a more agile, outsourced model for CEOs and CMOs to deploy multi-channel marketing and growth initiatives.
    Moving Minds Launches New Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Practice
    Moving Minds today announced the launch of a Fractional CMO consulting practice designed to meet the needs of early-stage venture capital and private equity-backed companies. The retainer-based Fractional Chief Marketing Officer advisory enables emerging companies to accelerate their growth and successfully navigate the proliferation of rapidly emerging marketing channels.
    The Impact of a Fractional CMO & Outsourcing the Chief Marketing Officer Role
    Businesses are rapidly changing how they work, and the "gig economy" has now scaled up to the C-suite of leading companies. What started as an idea for Uber drivers and delivery services though, has now scaled all the way up to the C-suite of leading companies. From venture-backed, early-stage startups to well-established brands, CEOs across various industries are increasingly seeing the benefits of fractional executives – particularly the fractional CMO. With the highest turnover rate among executives, the Chief Marketing Officer position has long been a headache for CEOs. The average CMO only lasts 20 to 30 months, and astonishingly, 80% of CEOs don’t trust or are unimpressed with their CMOs (compared to just 10% of their CFOs and CIOs), according to Harvard Business Review.
    Award-Winning Marketing and Technology Agency Selects Palm Beach County
    Moving Minds to Relocate Global Headquarters to West Palm Beach for Greater Proximity to Marketing, Creative and Technology Talent. With its new head office based in Rosemary Square, Moving Minds expects to double in size over the next three years, growing from 35 to more than 70 employees, contractors, and team members. Founded in 2006, Moving Minds serves a global roster of clients ranging from venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in technology, healthcare, financial services and digital services. These include Siemens, Citi, Schweiger Dermatology, HealthSouth, Axogen, Norwest Venture Partners and MasterCard.
    Identifying the Right Mix of Marketing Channels for Your Business
    Marketers today face a staggering number of options when it comes to selecting which marketing channels will comprise their marketing mix. There are an estimated 120+ content delivery and marketing channels right now. As exciting as that may be, it can also lead to marketing paralysis. How can I know which channels will work and which won’t? What will be most cost-effective, and how much budget do I need to allocate to each channel? Which ones will work best together to reach my target audiences?
    Five Essential Components of a Successful Marketing + Tech Strategy Roadmap
    You know your business needs a marketing strategy to succeed. But the traditional marketing strategy, which focuses on crafting the perfect messaging to convert customers and distributing that message through a few major marketing channels, isn’t going to cut it anymore. Think about what your company really needs to be successful in today’s constantly evolving marketing landscape. Certainly, you still need good messaging and a compelling value proposition that will speak to your target audience. But equally important is understanding where your current and potential customers are, what lifestyle habits and values they have, and how they interact with brands and various media channels.
    Assembling The Essential Resources To Exceed Your Revenue Targets
    As multi-channel marketing continues delivering unprecedented ROI to companies, more dollars are going into marketing than ever before. According to a recent CMO Survey, the average business now spends 11% of its total company budget on marketing. For some SaaS companies in rapid growth mode, sales and marketing spending is upwards of 50% of revenue (Source: Jeanne DeWitt, Head of North America, Revenue & Growth, Stripe).
    Discovering Opportunities & Creating A Roadmap For Long-Term Growth
    CMOs aren’t just determining brand strategy and creative direction. They also must juggle a growing number of marketing technology systems and tools while developing unified programs across diverse marketing channels – often with limited internal resources. Mastering this complexity is essential as marketing+tech contributes around 50% of a business’s enterprise value according to Forbes. The myriad of choices available to marketers today can make it difficult to determine which go-to-market strategy, budget allocations and mix of channels and tactics will be most effective in meeting a company’s growth or revenue attainment goals.
    Defining KPIs Pivotal to Measuring Business Performance and Growth
    The wealth of data marketers have access to is rapidly increasing in today’s digital-driven marketing environment. But rather than making it easier to set the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will drive growth and revenue-attainment goals, business leaders are having more trouble developing and achieving the right KPIs, according to an MIT Sloan/Google report. Executives are often torn between different approaches to goal setting. Should KPIs be strategic or tactical? Operational or financial? Broad or focused?
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